Uncharted Movie – Mark Wahlberg Joins Cast as Sully

Uncharted Movie
Uncharted Movie – Mark Wahlberg Joins Cast as Sully

Mark Wahlberg is in final talks to co-star next to Tom Holland Sony’s upcoming Hollywood adaption of the Uncharted video game. According to Variety, Travis Knight, director of Bumblebee picked up Mark to work on the upcoming Uncharted movie as his role of Sully, Nathan Drake’s companion.

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Sully has been in all past Uncharted video games and plays a pivotal role in the series. He is an American treasure hunter, fortune seeker and businessman but also a friend and mentor to Nathan Drake, played by Tom Holland.

Mark Wahlberg was originally meant to play Nathan Drake when the film was originally greenlit in 2017. However, it was then decided that the film would be a prequel to Nathan’s childhood which required a younger actor at the helm, Tom Holland. Originally, David O. Russel was meant to head the film’s production but things slowed down when Sony decided to change the script.

The upcoming film already has a release date of 18 December 2020 which is not too far off. It is the first movie to be produced under Sony’s new PlayStation Productions company a division of Sony Pictures. We will share more on this production in the months ahead as we all hope the Uncharted movie makes its 2020 release date.

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