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Marvel Drops Kang Actor Jonathan Majors After Guilty Assault Verdict

Marvel Studios and Disney have officially dropped actor Jonathan Majors from his role as Kang the Conqueror in the MCU after a recent trial found the star guilty of domestic assault. Majors was accused of these charges in early 2023 with his trial set to conclude before the end of the year. He has now been ruled by a six-person jury in New York as guilty in charges of reckless assault and harassment against his former partner.

Jonathan Majors, who portrayed the new overarching villain of the MCU throughout Phase 4 and 5, was originally dropped by several projects including Paramount Pictures, his manager 360 Entertainment and his publicist The Lede Company. Now, Marvel Studios and Disney have dropped the hammer on Majors, removing him from all upcoming Marvel projects following his guilty ruling of domestic assault.

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Majors first appeared in the MCU though the first season of Loki as He Who Remains, the first glimpse of the actor as Kang. He went on to appear in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania as its central villain as well as the second season of Loki. The actor was being lined up to play the big new threat for the next three phases of the MCU, similar to how Thanos was the major threat for the first three phases. This presumably would’ve culminated in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars.

A spokesperson for Marvel Studios confirmed with Deadline that Majors was no longer attached to the MCU. With Majors not returning for future MCU projects anymore, Disney will now begin the process of potentially recasting the character with a different actor. Fans suggest that Kang could be dropped entirely and replaced with a new overarching villain such as Fantastic Four‘s Doctor Doom – something that is reportedly being considered at Marvel.

Source: Deadline

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