DC Universe Online Marvel MMO Cancelled

Marvel MMO from DC Universe Online Dev Cancelled

DC Universe Online developer Daybreak Games and publisher Dimension Ink have cancelled a planned Marvel MMO. The company stated that it would be discontinuing development on the project, which was unofficially announced during an investor presentation last year. A press release followed confirming the game’s cancellation.

The Marvel MMO was confirmed by Enad Global 7 (EG7), Daybreak’s holding company, last year. Only six months later, the project has now been scrapped, mainly citing the risk profile and the size of the game’s development as reasons. Some speculate that the undertaking would’ve been too great and with the stigma surrounding Marvel’s Avengers, a Marvel multiplayer game would’ve likely been a risky endeavour at this point.

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EG7 has instead chosen to shift its priorities to other projects in its portfolio, stating:

“The company had planned to invest more than SEK 500 million [that’s about $50 million US dollars] in the Marvel project over the next three years. The company will now diversify this investment across multiple, smaller size projects within the group, including the previously announced major upgrades to The Lord of the Rings Online and DC Universe Online, and new game opportunities with our first party, original IPs.”

The press release provided to media outlets gives us a better idea as to why the decision was made to cease development on the Marvel MMO:

“G7 today announced it will be discontinuing the development of the Marvel project at Daybreak Games. Based on the re-evaluation of the development risk profile, size of investment, and the long-term product portfolio strategy for the group, the board has decided to change the development priorities and reallocate resources within the group to focus on alternative long-term projects.”

The company enjoyed a bit of success with DC Universe Online, which originally launched during the PS3 era as a free-to-play title. The plans were likely similar for a Marvel MMO, giving players the opportunity to create their own Marvel superhero and play as other popular heroes in the Marvel universe.

Source: EG7 Press Release

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