Marvel Rivals Announced Closed Alpha Free-to-Play

Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha Prohibits Creators From Criticising The Game

Marvel Rivals is a new upcoming PvP game which many have described as an “Overwatch clone”. If you have seen any gameplay clips, you’ll likely agree. The game features the same arena-based objective combat alongside a range of Marvel heroes that operate almost exactly like certain Overwatch characters.

The recent gameplay showcasing Iron Man, looks a lot like Pharrah, for example. If anything, Disney likely took a lot of influence from Overwatch when creating Marvel Rivals and it shows.

But Disney is also gunning for Marvel Rivals to be quite popular. So much so that the company is trying to avoid as much negative press regarding the game as possible. Disney has even forced creators to sign a “positivity agreement” when signing up for the closed alpha test which prevents them from posting any negative feedback regarding the game.

A document that has been making its rounds online, reveals the clauses to this so-called “Non-Disparagement” section which reads:

  • The Content Creator agrees not to make any public statements or engage in discussions that are detrimental to the reputation of the game. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Making disparaging or satirical comments about any game-related material, such as game features, characters, or music.
    • Engaging in malicious comparisons with competitors or belittling the. gameplay or differences of “Marvel Rivals” or providing subjective negative reviews of the game

Essentially, this agreement locks creators into a positivity clause and states that if access is granted, they can’t post any negative feedback or content surrounding Marvel Rivals. This means in streams, YouTube videos and social media content, their comments related to Marvel Rivals need to remain positive.

It is unclear yet what Disney plans to do with users who break this agreement. Perhaps legal ramifications might follow if a creator makes enough negative waves surrounding the game. The creator might also face losing access to the game’s alpha and future tests.

Of course, this is a major red flag on the game’s part. Disney surely wants the “hype” surrounding the game to remain positive without negative feedback whatsoever. What Disney sees as “negative” is also unclear. Can creators compare Marvel Rivals to Overwatch? Can creators complain about unbalanced gameplay? Disney hasn’t been very forthcoming with its guidelines.

Here’s a video of the game’s heroes below. Of course, without any negative content.

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