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Marvel Studios Rebrands TV Shows So They Won’t Be Required Viewing

Marvel Studios is not done reshaping the future of its Marvel Cinematic Universe. The company previously announced that it would be decreasing the output of MCU movies and television shows to just a handful a year instead of flooding the market with new content every month. Now, Marvel Studios is rebranding its TV shows so they won’t necessarily be required viewing.

As reported by ComicBook, the new Marvel Studios TV rebranding will allow viewers to decide what they want to watch without worrying about MCU continuity or missing out on important developments. “You can jump in anywhere,” said Marvel. “They’re interconnected but they’re not. You don’t have to watch A to enjoy B… You can follow your own preferences.”

When Marvel Studios launched its TV shows, they were meant to co-exist alongside the continuity of the movies, meaning audiences would have to keep up with almost every single TV show if they wanted to understand future movies and characters. At least by just following the movies in phases 1-3, audiences could gather enough information to enjoy tentpole releases like Avengers without having to do extra “homework” outside of binging some movies.

As time went on, audiences felt increasingly burnt out by the amount of TV shows they had to keep up with in order to understand the MCU movies. This ended up backfiring on Disney and Marvel Studios as viewers who had missed out on previous TV shows were often left in the dark about major plot developments or references in the movies (see Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness or The Marvels). Watching the shows became more of a chore due to the difficulty of keeping up with all of them.

Marvel Studios looks like it’s finally scaling back the importance of the TV shows, now making them off-shoots that can be enjoyed in isolation while not impacting your overall enjoyment of the movies. Time will tell if this ends up being a successful decision for the company.

Source: ComicBook

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