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Marvel’s Avengers Beta Start Time, How to Join and What’s Included

This weekend marks the start of the first Marvel’s Avengers beta. If you plan on jumping in and don’t know where to start then we have you covered. This article covers what is included in the Marvel’s Avengers beta, what time the beta starts and how you can gain access to it.

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Marvel’s Avengers Beta Start Time

The Marvel’s Avengers beta dates differ depending on your platform of choice. A closed pre-order PS4 beta is this weekend followed by a closed Xbox One and PC beta the following weekend. The following weekend, all players can experience the game regardless of them pre-ordering. Every beta starts and ends at 9 pm in your time zone.

  • PlayStation pre-order beta: 9pm 7 August to 9pm 9 August
  • Xbox and PC pre-order beta and PS4 open beta: 9pm 14 August to 9pm 16 August
  • Open beta all platforms: 9pm 21 August to 9pm 23 August


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How to get into the Marvel’s Avengers beta

If you have pre-ordered the digital version of Marvel’s Avengers then you should automatically have access to the pre-order beta. The client should show up in your respective store. If not, check your emails for a code to redeem. If you have pre-ordered from a retailer then your code is sent to you from the store. This code should then be redeemed on the Square Enix website. Upon redemption, users can select the platform of choice and the site generates a code to redeem on the respective storefront.

What is included in the Marvel’s Avengers beta

  • Golden Gate Bridge mission
    • This lengthy mission lasts around 25 minutes. It will introduce players to the playable heroes in the game. Each section of the mission sees you swap between the Avengers. Players can get a taste of each move set and ability. This mission is the only time players get to control Thor and Captain America in the beta. These two characters are not available for the rest of the playtest. In the end, you fight a Taskmaster boss.


  • The Marvel’s Avengers beta includes four hero missions. These are all single-player, story-driven chapters focusing on different Avengers. 
    • The Light that Failed
    • To Find Olympia
    • Missing Links
    • Help Dr. banner


Once completed, players can then choose between four characters to take on co-op missions. Black Widow, Hulk, Iron Man, and Ms Marvel.

Marvel's Avengers PS5

War Zones

The Marvel’s Avengers beta includes five War Zones. These are large missions than can be played with a team with up to three friends or AI. Players take out swarms of enemies, complete puzzles and explore open-area hubs for collectables, resources and gear.

Drop Zones

These missions are shorter than War Zones. They focus on a specific objective as players defend a specific point. The beta includes five Drop Zones for players to experience. These last around 10 minutes each.

HARM Rooms

These HARM Rooms (Holographic Augmented Reality Machine) are training rooms. Here players can experiment with different Avengers against waves of enemies. These can be played with AI or up to three friends and test your skills against ever-increasing hoards of enemies. Players can earn unique nameplates for completing these challenges.

Progression in the beta

The Marvel’s Avengers beta only includes the first skill tree for each playable hero. However, this tree gives players a good look at the Avenger’s grab, melee and ranged attacks. While the main game allows players to experience a more robust character builder, the beta is a small taste of what is to come.

There’s a level 15 cap for heroes and level 45 cap for Power during the beta. However, this won’t lock you out of playing with friends if you are on a higher level. Progression carries over between the closed and open betas. You will have to start fresh when the game launches in September though.

Marvel’s Avengers Beta Rewards

Taking part in the beta unlocks specific rewards that carry over to the main game. Players can unlock two nameplates;

  • Beta participation nameplate: login and play during the betas
  • HARM Challenge Rooms nameplate: Complete all three rooms included in the beta
  • Hidden SHIELD Vault nameplate: Complete the Winter Tundra SHIELD vault

You can catch up on the latest War Table stream down below for a better look at the upcoming game’s gameplay. You can still pre-order today and get access to the test.

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