Marvel’s Avengers Confirmed as PS5 Launch Game With Free Upgrade and Graphical Options

Marvels Avengers XP PS4 PS5 Exclusive PlayStation
Marvel’s Avengers Confirmed as PS5 Launch Game With Free Upgrade and Graphical Options

If you purchase Marvel’s Avengers on 4 September 2020 on PS4 you will automatically get the PS5 version when the console launches. Whenever that is. Gary Snethen, Chief Technology Officer at Crystal Dynamics revealed on the PlayStation Blog that the upcoming superhero game will also feature cross-save. Meaning users can pick up from where they left off on day one too. In addition, the PS5 will feature some enhanced modes as well as super-fast loading times thanks to the SSD.

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According to Gary, the new GPU allowed them to increase the texture resolution in Marvel’s Avengers on PS5. In addition, object detail is rendered further away from the player compared to the PS4. It will include anisotropic filtering and new graphic features such as stochastic screen-space reflection with contact-aware sharpening.

According to the blog, Marvel’s Avengers will offer an enhanced graphics mode on PS5. In addition, the game will also offer a high framerate mode which targets 60fps with a dynamic 4K resolution.

Marvel's Avengers PS5

“The GPU and CPU improvements on PS5 are exciting, but even more exciting is the introduction of an ultra-high speed SSD with lightning fast load speeds. This is a transformative improvement in consoles that will reduce load times down to one or two seconds and enable real-time streaming of massive worlds at ridiculously fast speeds. Without any optimization work, the loading and streaming of Marvel’s Avengers improved by an order of magnitude on PS5. When optimization is complete, loading content will be nearly instant, allowing players to seamlessly jump into missions anywhere in the game world. And as Iron Man flies through content-rich levels, higher resolution textures and mesh will stream in instantly, maintaining the highest possible quality all the way to the horizon.”

As for the hardware, the DualSense controller offers new ways to approach gameplay. The haptic feedback and resistance triggers will add new depth to the game’s gameplay as players feel new experiences and tackle new challenges.

Stay tuned later today as Square Enix plans on hosting an in-depth gameplay stream showcasing more about the upcoming title. Marvel’s Avengers is planned for release on 4 September 2020 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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