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Marvel’s Avengers Daily and Weekly Mission Rotation Detailed

Square Enix plans on hosting a special Marvel’s Avengers War Table tomorrow. The publisher announced that there is a load of surprises in store. In addition, the War Table will focus on Marvel’s Avengers “service” content in particular daily, weekly and monthly missions. We have also heard reports of a new hero announcement. While you still have to wait until tomorrow to watch the stream, Square Enix shared some early details on the game’s grind.

In a blog post, the publisher detailed what players can expect from Marvel’s Avengers when it comes to daily content and challenging gameplay loops. The game resets once a day and week similar to other games of its kind like Destiny, PvZ and more. Upon reset, more missions, challenges and items become available to take on and purchase. This includes War Table Missions, Assignments, Community Challenges and vendor rotation.

Missions: the WAR TABLE is dynamic and will feature unique content throughout the week.

  • Modified Missions: Each week we will designate Priority Missions and Priority HARM Challenges that offer up unique rewards for completing them with an assortment of modifiers.
  • New Mission Modes: Two new mission types will debut shortly after launch – one that focuses on co-op play and will only appear over the weekend, and another that uses your full roster of heroes in a challenging gauntlet of solo play.


PS5 Release Date is 13 November, Xbox Series X on The 6th – Report

  • Assignments: Marvel’s Avengers features various Factions, each with their own in-game Vendors. SHIELD & Inhuman Vendors will give you daily and weekly assignments that help increase your Faction level. The higher your faction level, the more Gear and Artifacts that Faction Vendor will give you access to. Faction items rotate daily and weekly. Make sure to go grab all your Faction dailies when you login, because they are completed as you play through other missions.
  • Hero Challenge Cards: Daily and weekly challenges help you earn points to progress and unlock content on your Hero Challenge Cards. As with Faction assignments, Hero Card challenges can are completed as you play through other missions.
  • Community Challenges: These weekly challenges ask the global player base to team up to achieve a specific goal – such as destroying 500,000 Synthoids. When completed, the entire player base receives a unique reward (such as nameplates) reserved for these weekly challenges. Once a month, PlayStation players will get an exclusive Community Challenge.


As for the vendor rotation, Square Enix claims that each one changes every hour. In addition, new stock arrives in the form of outfits, emotes, nameplates and more. The in-game purchase store “Marketplace” sees its stock change once a week.

There’s still a lot more to learn about the game according to Square Enix. During tomorrow’s War Table they will touch on Outposts and Operations. The stream is set to go live a 19:00 SAT / 10:00 PT on YouTube. Marvel’s Avengers launches this Friday, 4 September 2020 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. However, certain deluxe edition purchases unlock the game tomorrow.

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