Marvel’s Avengers First New Hero is Kate Bishop the Other Hawkeye

Marvels Avengers Kate Bishop Hawkeye
Marvel’s Avengers First New Hero is Kate Bishop the Other Hawkeye

During the 1 September War Table stream, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics announced Marvel’s Avengers first new hero Kate Bishop. While many believed Hawkeye, who Square Enix announced last month, would arrive first it seems that is not the case. However, there is a concern here with two similar “bow” heroes arriving in the game.


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Both Kate Bishop and Clinton Barton (the other Hawkeye) share the same weaponry and look identical. Other than one being a male and the other a female. According to Crystal Dynamics, Kate packs a robust set of unique skills and abilities in comparison to the other launch heroes. We don’t know how relatable she is to Hawkeye who is set to arrive sometime after Kate.

According to Crystal Dynamics, Kate Bishop is set to arrive in October and unlocked through a specific “Taking AIM” post-launch campaign mission. This mission set will arrive in-game and players are able to play through new story-related content before Kate becomes available. In November, the original Hawkeye will enter the game through a second campaign DLC.

While two new heroes sound fun and all, they kind of resonate the same experience by the look of things. Perhaps Crystal Dynamics is trying to give players the opportunity to have two “bow” heroes in the party at the same time. Hopefully, Kate and Hawkeye’s skills play off one another in some way. Let’s just hope these heroes aren’t the same experience one month apart.

Other than the Marvel’s Avengers Kate Bishop news, the stream shared information on the game’s end-game grind including daily missions, vendors, bounties and other tough challenges. Marvel’s Avengers includes a lot of content after the campaign. You can recap on the stream down below which tackles everything post-game.

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