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Marvel’s Avengers Future Imperfect DLC is Only The “Beginning”

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics can’t seem to get the XP balancing right in Marvel’s Avengers but they are determined to keep the game alive with new content and updates in the future. Last week we learnt that the upcoming “Marvel’s Avengers Future Imperfect” DLC will bring with it an extra grind due to decreased XP gains past level 25. However, Crystal Dynamics will make sure there’s content to play so users won’t have to worry about grinding pointless activities… We hope.

In a new live stream showcasing the PS5 version of Marvel’s Avengers Future Imperfect DLC, a Crystal Dynamic rep mentioned that the new update, which lands on 18 March 2021, is only the “beginning” of things to come.


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According to the representative, the base game of Marvel’s Avengers was just the start of the story. The rep claims that AIM is not actually the bad guys in the game and that the ongoing events will slowly lead up to even bigger things. He says:

We’ve given quite a few hints at what we’re building up to with the story and the Big Bad isn’t AIM.

We don’t know what we can expect from Marvel’s Avengers in the months ahead but by the sound of things, more story-related DLC is surely on its way. We know the game will get new heroes including the PlayStation exclusive Spider-Man, and a handful of leaked ones such as She Hulk. However, apart from new story content, the game’s mediocre post-game grind needs to be fixed before gamers will find any reason to jump back into the action.

With the Marvel’s Avengers Future Imperfect DLC set to launch on 18 March, there’s hope alive that the RPG will slowly transform into something worth going back to. We will just have to wait and see how it goes. Check out the Marvel’s Avengers PS5 and Xbox Series X/S enhancements here ahead of the launch next week.

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