New Marvel’s Avengers Gameplay Arriving on 24 June
Marvels Avengers video game
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After months of silence, Square Enix will finally show off some more Marvel’s Avengers gameplay on 24 June 2020. It has been a while since we have seen or heard anything about the upcoming Destiny 2 and Anthem-like superhero game. The last news was when the game was delayed. Thankfully, it is still heavy in development and heading towards its 4 September 2020 release date.

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Square Enix shared the news about a new “War Table” stream taking place on 24 June 2020. According to the tweet, the developers will showcase some new gameplay and for the first time co-op action too. This is something many fans have been waiting to see in action. The game apparently features a robust co-op experience but we have not seen it in action yet. The stream will showcase co-op, trailers, story missions, outfits and more. Definitely something you would want to tune into.

Square Enix recently came under fire for Marvel’s Avengers after gamers discovered that the game would feature dozens of microtransactions in the form of suits and outfits. Some specific looks will be locked for players if they don’t pre-order the game. In addition, not everything can be earned in-game and will require you to purchase credits to unlock these rare costumes.  While it is still too early to tell how this system will work, it is concerning that the game will restrict the player’s look if they don’t want to spend extra money after purchasing the title.

We will have to wait and see how it all plays out. Tune in to the stream on 24 June 2020. The game is set to launch on 4 September 2020 for PS4, Xbox  One and PC. PS4 pre-orders will unlock access to the exclusive early-access beta.






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