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Marvel’s Avengers New Gameplay Reveals Villain M.O.D.O.K, Co-Op, Gear and More

Square Enix hosted the first official Marvel’s Avengers War Table stream where the publisher showcased some fantastic new gameplay for the upcoming game. It has been a long time coming. We previously got a look at the E3 2019 gameplay earlier this year. However, since then, sit has been quiet on their end. Sure, we got a look at the various edition of the game the new character Ms Marvel, but the content has been short. That all changed during the War Table as Crystal Dynamic showcased some brand-new gameplay.

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First off we have the story. The latest Marvel’s Avengers trailer revealed the game’s bad guy and it is none other than M.O.D.O.K and his evil organization AIM. By the sounds of things, AIM took it upon themselves to rid the world of superpowers. In addition, M.O.D.O.K and AIM have the world believing that superpowers are bad. You might remember the last trailer when the world was “destroyed”. Well, AIM blamed the Avengers for it and have even kicked them out of their own HQ and made a home for themselves in the iconic building.

Marvel's Avengers

In terms of new gameplay, we see a bit of it in the new Marvel’s Avengers video. From Ms Marvel exploring sewers and a ruined house of Tony Stark to a full mission featuring Thor. This mission, in particular, gave us a glimpse of the game’s combat and progression. Thor tossed his hammers, performed giant slams and even gave some giant robots a beating with his hammer. If anything, combat is looking pretty intense as every knock with the hammer sounded fantastic and looked great too. During the mission, we also got to see other characters jump into the action to help Thor. This included Hulk smashing some enemies and Iron Man blasting some enemies away with rockets.

As for Marvel’s Avengers co-op, it seems the game shines the brightest when playing with friends. You can play a range of specific Warzone missions in co-op. These missions let players join and you gain progress to your character. Warzones have a story as well as challenges and different items to obtain. However, the story is still related to the game’s fight against AIM. These Warzone missions also have a specific Power requirement which will determine how tough it will be.

Marvel's Avengers

All missions progress levels and experience for each character you play. Each Avenger features a robust skill tree that included abilities, buffs and attacks. In addition, each Avenger has a Heroic Ability. This includes one support ability for co-op play that can buff and give your friends special abilities. Thor, for example, can give Iron Man a lighting shield. Each Avenger also has a Heroic Attack that deals devastating damage in a cool flashing way.

As for gear in Marvel’s Avengers, every Avenger can be customized with a load of items that not only change their buffs but also how you attack and play with your Avenger in each mission. Specific gear even provides certain Gamma damage when equipped. Gear is obtained in multiple ways including story missions, loot, challenges and even purchased through vendors as you upgrade your Helicarrier. The gear system will allow players to create a unique version of the hero. In addition, this means every Avenger will play differently giving players the ability to craft their own hero.

Marvel's Avengers

As for outfits in Marvel’s Avengers, the game will include a range of iconic ones for every Avenger. These are sourced from classic comics and even the film series. Players can unlock new ones throughout the game and also obtain some super rare ones by completing extremely challenging tasks. You can also equip emotes and calling cards allowing for a great level of customization.

Take a look at the full Marvel’s Avengers gameplay video down below and enjoy. Marvel’s Avengers releases on 4 September 2020 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Buying the game on current consoles will entitle you to a free next-gen upgrade.

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