Marvel’s Midnight Suns Digital Versions Seemingly Cancelled in South Africa


Marvel’s Midnight Suns is now available on PlayStation and Xbox. The listings went live at midnight in South Africa. However, the Steam listing is still not available for some reason. We’ll keep checking to see if the listing goes live during the day today.

South Africa won’t get the digital versions of Marvel’s Midnight Suns at launch. The game is expected to arrive on 2 December and if you don’t pick it up at retail, you won’t be able to buy the game at all.

Usually, it would work the other way around. South Africans have had issues trying to find retail versions of new releases. The Dak Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me didn’t release here physically at all. The Callisto Protocol was also cancelled in SA. However, Marvel’s Midnight Suns, for some reason, won’t get a digital release in the country.

At the moment there’s no clear reason as to why this is happening. The game seems to be available to some degree on digital stores. On the PlayStation Store, the listing is there but it says “release date to be determined”. There’s no sign of the season pass pack or the Legenady Premium Pack.

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On the Xbox Store, the game simply says “Not Available Separately” and there’s no option to pre-order it. However, the store does have the listings available for the Legendary Premium Pack and the Season Pass. Both of which can’t be purchased.

Over on Steam, the listing doesn’t exist at all. In fact, when you go to the Steam page for Marvel’s Midnight Suns, it shows that the game is not available in our region.

Usually, we would point blame towards the Film and Publication Board in SA when a game gets cancelled. This time we can’t because the game has received a 16+ FPB rating. So at the moment, we don’t know why this is happening. Perhaps the pre-order program for the game just isn’t available. Perhaps the listings will only go live when the game launches tomorrow? At this point, we just don’t know.

I have reached out to the local 2k representative to ask if they are aware of the issue. Hopefully, we’ll hear back.

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  • Marius Nell 1 December 2022

    This is so dumb. Hope it gets sorted soon, was eager to play. Guess I will spend more time in marvel snap and replay xcom while i wait!

  • Eymen 2 December 2022

    It is the same case in Turkey

  • JF 2 December 2022

    Launch day and still not available, very weird.

  • Daniel 2 December 2022

    You can buy the game on Firaxis and add it to your Steam. I’ve just done that.

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