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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Actor Leaks September Release

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 might release in September, according to actor Tony Todd who voices Venom in the game. The actor responded to a fan on social media recently, breaking protocol by stating that Insomniac Games was aiming for a September release with a big marketing campaign beginning in August. These dates could change but it sounds like the actor might’ve slipped up and accidentally spilled the release month.

Responding to a fan on Twitter, Todd stated, “Looks like September! Massive publicity coming in august. Commercials start dropping in August so I’m told. Hold on to your … and hold breath! Gonna be necessary.” The tweet quickly gained traction on the platform and has not been deleted yet, which could suggest that the September release isn’t set in stone.

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This would put Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 up against Bethesda’s sci-fi RPG Starfield, which currently has a 6 September release date. PlayStation could very well choose to push the game to October or November to avoid this clash so this is nothing concrete. However, Insomniac Games probably has nothing to really worry about since Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is easily one of the most anticipated releases of the year for PlayStation players.

Since Todd is mostly known in the film industry, these types of NDAs aren’t common in Hollywood. Most movies get announced before shooting even begins so there’s no need for secrecy unlike the gaming industry which gives strict non-disclosures to avoid leaks. Needless to say, games only confirm release dates once a studio is sure it’s close enough to the completion of a game’s development and is more or less confident it can make that deadline. Actors and other industry workers usually remain tight-lipped about projects in that case.

Todd’s September release drop for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was corroborated by sources close to Video Games Chronicle, which gives this window a bit more credibility. PlayStation already confirmed that the game would launch in fall 2023 so a September release lines up. Take this with a pinch of salt anyway until we get confirmation from Sony.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is currently in development exclusively for PS5.

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