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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Could Release on PS5 During “Christmas 2021” – Rumour

Insomniac Games and Sony unleashed Marvel’s Spider-Man on the PS4 more than a year ago, on 7 September 2018, and it was amazing. Right now, we don’t know what Insomniac is working on next, but a rumour suggests that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will release on PS5 in Christmas 2021.

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That’s over three years which is still a bit short development time for a big PS5 exclusive, but Imran Khan, a former senior editor at Game Informer believes that to be the case and he suggests that he has some inside information about the project. This all comes from the recently released The Call-In Show – Kinda Funny Gamescast Ep. 249 (view at the bottom of this article) in which Khan said that he believes Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will release sometime during “Christmas 2021″.

This seemed to be speculation until Mr Khan said the following:

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”#33FFFA” class=”” size=”20″]I know too much about this, so I can’t speculate too much. I think a Spider-Man 2 will come sooner than we think.[/perfectpullquote]

This is, however, by no means confirmation that Insomniac Games and Sony will release Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 on the PS5 during that time and even if Mr Khan does have accurate information, things can change during the development process. However, it is interesting to note that Sony showed off the fast loading times on PS5 using Marvel’s Spider-Man so maybe the sequel will showcase the comparative power of the PS5 versus the PS4.

It is important to always take information such as this with a large helping of salt. However, with the success and reception of the first title, there is very little doubt that a sequel will happen at some point and Insomniac Games is probably working on it right now.

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Check out the Kinda Funny Gamescast Ep. 249 below and forward to the 1 hour 40-minute mark for the “speculation”, then tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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