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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Will be at San Diego Comic Con

Developer Insomniac Games has announced that it will be attending San Diego Comic Con this year and it will be sharing some new details on its anticipated upcoming superhero game, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. This comes in light of Marvel Entertainment announcing that it plans to attend the event as well.

Insomniac Games took to Twitter to give fans a big update: we can expect more information on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 at San Diego Comic Con under one of Marvel’s panels. It’s unclear if any new footage will be shown but we can expect to hear more details about the game beyond the gameplay trailer that was shown at the PlayStation Showcase a couple of months ago.

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Despite receiving a lengthy gameplay deep dive, we’re still being kept in the dark about some potentially exciting details for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. As far as the information we already know goes, we’ll be playing as both Peter Parker and Miles Morales in the game and will be able to switch between the heroes at various points in the story. However, there will be no co-op or multiplayer as Insomniac previously confirmed that it’s a strictly single-player experience.

Among the villains confirmed for the anticipated sequel, we know that the lethal symbiote Venom will make an appearance in the game as well as other staple Spider-Man foes like Lizard and Kraven the Hunter. The gameplay footage already showed Miles giving chase to Lizard in an explosive action set piece. Meanwhile, it looks like Peter will be able to harness the abilities of his newfound symbiote suit as the gameplay also revealed his new black design and usage of black tendrils against enemies.

There’s some secrecy about the possible true identity of Venom in the game, though most fans believe that the answer was already given to us in a post-credits scene from the first game.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 launches on 20 October 2023 exclusively for PS5. San Diego Comic Con will take place from 20-23 July.

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