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Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 Mentioned in Insomniac Games Leak

Yesterday, we reported on a ransomware attack against PlayStation first-party studio Insomniac Games. The hacking group known as Rhysida claims that it currently possesses the personal data and information of every former and current employee at the company including concept art and screenshots of the upcoming Marvel’s Wolverine. A proof-of-hack image was released by the group to prove that it’s holding the data for ransom. Upon closer inspection, people noticed that the leaked documents mention Marvel’s Spider-Man 3.

As spotted by Reddit user KekonKok, one line in the leaked Insomniac Games documents specifically mentions “SM3” or Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 on its list of planned projects. We assume that this document could be old as it still lists the 2020 spin-off Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 as “planned projects”. This suggests that even before the launch of Miles Morales, Insomniac might’ve already had plans to make a trilogy of Spider-Man games.

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This doesn’t explicitly confirm that a third Marvel’s Spider-Man game is in development, though given the success of the recently released second game and where the story goes, it makes sense that a third entry would inevitably happen. However, it’s unclear how far along Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 actually is in development (or if it has entered development at all yet), so we might be in for a long wait before we hear anything official.

Insomniac’s efforts are currently focused on Marvel’s Wolverine, the next big release from the acclaimed studio. Previous rumours suggest that it’s aiming for a 2024 release window and carries a more mature tone than the Spider-Man games. Actor Steve Blum, who voiced the character in numerous cartoons, is reportedly returning to voice Wolverine in the game as well, though Insomniac has yet to announce the official voice cast for the game.

Marvel’s Wolverine is currently in development exclusively for PS5.

Source: Reddit

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