Marvel’s Spider-Man Breaks a World Record
Spider-Man world record
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Marvel’s Spider-Man delivered another hit for the PlayStation 4, and there’s no slowing down according to the developer, Insomniac Games. In a recent interview with IGN, Creative Director Bryan Intihar, talked about what the foreseeable future holds for Spider-Man. Over the weekend, Sony and Marvel also teamed up to break a Spider-Man world record.

Will there be a Spider-Man sequel?

That’s the one thing everyone wants to know, but unfortunately, Intihar didn’t disclose any information about the next Insomniac title.

“Nothing to announce [regarding a sequel] but we obviously want to keep you engaged in our Spider-Man universe. That’s why we said right off the bat you’re going to have three drops of DLC. It’s not just activities in the city, this is a full story. You’re going to be able to get a pretty chunky, new experience,” explains Intihar.

Insomniac previously detailed Spider-Man’s post-launch content, so we know it involves three DLCs. The first one focuses on Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat.

You’re going to see some twists and turns you might not expect with Spider-Man and Black Cat. And then that will set up the other two that will be released before the end of the year, continues Intihar.

Spider-Man’s first DLC, The Heist, releases on October 23, with Turf Wars releasing in November, and the final DLC, Silver Lining, in December.

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A Guinness World Record for Marvel’s Spider-Man

Since its launch earlier this month, Marvel’s Spider-Man is kicking ass and taking names. The latest record under Spidey’s belt has nothing to do with sales records, and everything to do with having fun while breaking a world record.

Over the weekend at Stockholm Comic-Con, Marvel and Sony gather 547 people all dressed in a Spidey costume to break the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people dressed as Spider-Man. The previous record holder, Charterhouse (28 July 2015, Sydney Australia), had 438 people dressed as Spider-Man.

C. B. Cebulski, a Marvel writer and editor, posted the happy moment on Twitter.

Talking about Spider-Man records; we already know it broke several sales records like the biggest debut on an individual platform, but since its release, it gathered a few more. In its release week, Spider-Man Spider-Man sold more copies than any other previously-released game in 2018. It even sold twice as many copies than God of War! It is now the fastest-selling game based on a titular character.

If you haven’t yet played Marvel’s Spider-Man, then you purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition for R1199 on the PlayStation Store or the Standard Edition for R1069.

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