Marvel’s Spider-Man Becomes Best-Selling Superhero Game Ever Beating Batman: Arkham City
Insomniac Games
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The PS4 exclusive, Marvel’s Spider-Man has made history and become the best-selling superhero game ever made. This is after it also claimed the title of the “fastest-selling superhero game of all time” in late 2018.

The news comes from the latest NPD report that reveals the PS4 exclusive knocked Batman: Arkham City off the top spot and is now the reigning champion when it comes to copies sold.

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In second place we now have the former first spot, Batman: Arkham City followed by Batman: Arkham Knight in third. It is also a bit strange to see Batman: Arkham Asylum so low on the list and under a load of LEGO Batman games too.

Marvel’s Spider-Man has fought hard to make it to this number one spot and given it is a PS4 exclusive, this is an impressive achievement too. All other games on this list are all multi-platform releases as well as multi-generational ones too with all the Batman games being remastered for PS4 and Xbox One.

Of course, next year when Marvel’s Avengers releases we will have to watch this list of games again to see how well it competes with these great games. Right now, it is the only other superhero game in development that could actually face off and challenge Marvel’s Spider-Man. 2020 will be an interesting year for these numbers.

But of course, we may have new superhero games coming our way next year too. Rocksteady is apparently working on a new Batman game.






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