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Marvel’s Wolverine Takes Place in Same Universe as Marvel’s Spider-Man

Insomniac Games has confirmed that its upcoming superhero game, Marvel’s Wolverine, takes place in the same universe as its Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise. The PlayStation first-party studio revealed the news last week but didn’t give fans any indication about how the universes might be connected or what fans should look out for while playing the latest entry, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 – though there is a minor reference in the game.

Speaking to Kinda Funny Games podcast last week, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 game director Bryan Intihar confirmed that Marvel’s Wolverine does indeed take place in the same universe as as the Marvel’s Spider-Man games. “They’re all 1048,” said Intihar – Earth-1048 refers to the official Marvel designation of Insomniac’s Spider-Man universe including the games and spin-off comic books.

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Intihar also spoke to IGN about Marvel’s Wolverine and how it connects to the studio’s Spider-Man titles, though the connections are still being kept heavily under wraps. Insomniac Games didn’t want to creatively box the development team in with restrictions and ties to other properties either, stating:

“We wouldn’t be true Marvel fans if we didn’t have discussions like that, but I think for us it was, ‘Hey, working on these games is really hard. They’re really complicated.’ And I think it was just like, ‘Hey, let’s let the Wolverine team cook.’ Let’s let them cook and if something ever happens in the future, great. But right, now let’s just make sure that let’s not box anybody into a corner and let’s just make sure that they have a clear runway to make the best Wolverine possible and it’s going to be awesome. So I’m really excited about it. But we wouldn’t be like Marvel fans if we didn’t talk about things.”

We will be discussing a minor spoiler about one of the suits in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, so proceed with caution. Fans who have already unlocked most of Miles Morales’ suits in the game may have noticed that the suit called “Best There Is” is actually designed after Wolverine’s iconic yellow costume. While it’s likely not a direct reference to Marvel’s Wolverine, it’s the closest thing that the sequel has to a possible tie-in.

Insomniac celebrated a big launch for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 after it sold 2.5 million copies on its launch day. It’s currently available exclusively for PS5.

Source: Kinda Funny Games

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