Masahiro Ito Confirms He is Working on a New Silent Hill Game

The creative mind behind Silent Hill 2 and 3 is working on a new project, one which he hopes is not cancelled. Masahiro Ito is a Japenese video game artist best known for his work with Team Silent in the Silent Hill franchise. Ito worked as a designer on both the original game and its reissue “Restless Dreams”. He then went on to work on Silent Hill 3 as a drama camera designer.

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Masahiro Ito tweeted yesterday that he is currently working on a title as a core member. He then revealed that he hopes the game won’t be cancelled poking fun at the previous Hideo Kojima reimagining “Silent Hills” which was canned by Konami when they fired the popular video game maker.

Anyone could guess that the project is Silent Hill related however, Masahiro Ito is currently a freelance artist so he could be working on something else. Could Konami be rebooting the series or have they slaughtered it completely?

We will have to wait and see what the studio has planned for the months ahead. It has been a while since Konami released a large triple-A game. In 2018 the publisher launched its annual football game PES 2020, a Yu-Gi-Oh game for the Nintendo Switch and various mobile games including the Apple Arcade exclusive Frogger in Toy Town and Pixel Puzzle Collection.

Whatever it is, it will never be the Norman Reedus horror we need;

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