Mass Effect Legendary Edition File Size Revealed and it is Massive
"100GB needed to download the game"
Mass Effect: Legendary Edition BioWare Mass Effect Legendary Edition
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You better start deleting all those 360-no-scope video clips to make room for the Mass Effect Legendary Edition file size. The game’s storage requirements have been revealed and it is going to take up quite a chunk of your console HDD or SSD. Both the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game are set to weigh in at over 80GB which is not too bad if you take into account that the game includes three complete packages and over 40 DLC packs.

In addition to the three games, BioWare also remastered a lot of the game’s original assets including textures, models, music and much more. If anything, the entire package comes in at almost double the combined file size for the original trilogy.


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According to the Twitter account PlayStation Game Size, the Mass Effect Legendary Edition file size on PS4 sits at 67GB for the US version and 87GB for the EU version. The Mass Effect Legendary Edition day one update comes in at 11GB (US) and 13GB (EU). However, the actual download sizes for the game requires even more space. The US version is 80GB while the EU version is 101GB.

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition file size on Xbox One is similar to the PS4. It will take up 84GB of space on Xbox One and Series X/S. It is not clear yet how big the day one update is for the game on Xbox.

To put this into comparison, the original Mass Effect game weighed 7GB, Mass Effect 2 12GB and Mass Effect 3 14GB. We have come a long way.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is set to launch on 14 May 2021 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game will offer a range of enhancements for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S including up to 120FPS support for Series X. You can take a look at all the visual performance modes here.






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