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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Gameplay Changes and Combat Overhaul Detailed

BioWare has released quite a hefty detailed breakdown of what players can expect to see and experience when the Mass Effect Legendary Edition releases on 14 May 2021. The detailed blog post covers a handful of gameplay elements including game balance, combat, improvements and overall changes to the core experience to modernize the trilogy.

Some of these changes might sound simple but they will help contribute towards a much more refined game that elevates the gameplay in many ways.


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Combat plays a massive role in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition experience and BioWare has tweaked and improved many of the game mechanics to make it feel smoother and refined. For example, Shepard can now sprint out of combat and melee enemies by pressing a button rather than automatically attacking an enemy based on the proximity.

Weapon handling has been improved and BioWare has removed the sway from snipers completely. There’s also improved target acquisition and reticle bloom has been dialled down to take up less space on the screen. In short, BioWare wants to make the combat feel a tad bit faster and by reducing weapon cooldown and rebalancing abilities, they have made this possible.

BioWare also claims that the Mass Effect Legendary Edition will now include additional cover in certain combat encounters and boss fights. Players will also be able to move in and out of cover easier than before making it a more reliable choice for combat. Boss fights have also been tweaked to deliver a challenging but “fairer” experience for players and squadmates can now be commanded individually in the first game the same way players could control them in Mass Effect 2 and 3. 

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Beyond the traditional balancing and combat tweaks, the Mass Effect Legendary Edition welcomes additional enhancements that make the experience feel like a complete experience. This stems from the unified launcher all the way to the remixed audio and bug fixes. There are also new trophies to collect throughout all three games and the DLC across all the entries have been integrated naturally into each game.

This means players will be able to obtain items via research or by purchasing them from a vendor. This ensures there’s correct gameplay balance across all three games and that players won’t be overpowered because they own a DLC gear set.

You can read the entire breakdown of the changes over at the PlayStation Blog. Mass Effect Legendary Edition launches on 14 May 2021 for PS4, Xbox One and PC and is playable on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S through backwards compatibility.

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