Mass Effect Legendary Edition Performance Modes For Console and PC Detailed
"How will the game run across PC and console"
Mass Effect: Legendary Edition BioWare Mass Effect Legendary Edition
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Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a week away and if you are picking up the game and want to know how it will run on your PC and console then you have come to the right place. EA has detailed the Mass Effect Legendary Edition performance modes across PC, PlayStation and Xbox including how the game performs on PS5 and Xbox Series X. Keep in mind that there is no specific enhanced edition for the new consoles so the details listed below are running through backwards compatibility.

According to EA Games, PC players will be able to enjoy the Mass Effect Legendary Edition at up to 240FPS with compatible 240Hz displays. The PC version of the game will include a range of settings and tweaks that allows players to fine-tune the experience to their liking. However, when it comes to console, Mass Effect Legendary Edition includes two graphical modes that favour either performance or resolution.

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EA details these modes as the following:

  • Favour Quality prioritizes achieving the highest visual fidelity possible in exchange for a lower target framerate.
  • Favour Framerate prioritizes the highest framerate possible by scaling native resolution and reducing some graphical features.


Different hardware will run Mass Effect Legendary Edition at specific targetted frame rates. The PS5 and Xbox Series X will, of course, be able to cap this out but if you choose “Favour Framerate” on PS5 and, for example, the game will lock at 60FPS at 1440p. Whereas Favour Quality will then target 4K 60FPS but frames may drop if things get intense.

  • PS4
    • Favour Quality – Up to 30FPS 1080p
    • Favour Framerate  – Up to 60FPS 1080p
  • PS4 Pro
    • Favour Quality – Up to 30FPS 4K UHD
    • Favour Framerate  – Up to 60FPS 1440p
  • PS5
    • Favour Quality – Up to 60FPS 4K UHD
    • Favour Framerate  – Up to 60FPS 1440p
  • Xbox One X / Series S
    • Favour Quality – Up to 30FPS 4K UHD
    • Favour Framerate  – Up to 60FPS 1440p
  • Xbox Series X
    • Favour Quality – Up to 60FPS 4K UHD
    • Favour Framerate  – Up to 120FPS 1440p


Make sure you check out our previous coverage on the Mass Effect Legendary Edition here where we cover the biggest changes you can expect to see across the trilogy. The game is out on 14 May 2021 for PS5, PS4, Xbox and PC.

Source: EA Games

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