Mass Effect Legendary Edition Rated in Korea – Announcement Imminent
"The Mass Effect Trilogy announcement may arrive on 7 November 2020."

Mass Effect Legendary Edition has been rated in Korea. Now, before you ask why this is a big deal, usually when games get rated in the region they are close to releasing. We saw this a few weeks ago. Before Sony confirmed Demon’s Souls as a PS5 launch title, the game recieved a rating in the region. In short, the Korean rating system has proven to be a great way to track new game announcements and current game release dates.


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The Korean Game Rating Board rated the new Mass Effect Legendary Edition this week. The game is 2020’s worst-kept secret with reports and leaks dating back since June this year. First, a massive gameplay leak detailed the visual changes and remake approach. Then UK retailers began taking pre-orders for the unannounced game. In addition, industry insiders reported that EA Games planned to release the trilogy in October but after testing, the experience was not up to scratch.

Fans are speculating that Mass Effect Legendary Edition might be announced on 7 November 2020. For those who don’t know, the date marks N7 Day which is a day used to celebrate all things Mass Effect. To add further to the rumour, the voice actress of female Shepard, Jennifer Hale tweeted asking fans to hang together with the cast to celebrate N7 day.

After months of rumours and leaks, an announcement of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition cannot arrive soon enough. If the game does indeed make its debut on 7 November, we will share the news. According to past reports, the game is currently in development for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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