Mass Effect Mod Makes Tali’s Face Visible – All Quarians Redesigned

A fan of BioWare’s Mass Effect series has created a mod that makes the face of Tali, one of the more prominent characters from the games, fully visible during gameplay and cutscenes. The mod also appears to change and redesign the appearances of all Quarians encountered in the first game, with the modder aiming to apply the same adjustments to its sequels in the near future.

Quarians in the Mass Effect universe have their faces constantly covered by helmets with the only visible features being their eyes and rough outlines of facial structures. A new mod titled “Children of Rannoch” made by mithran56 has now redesigned the appearances of all Quarians, including the fan-favourite romantic interest Tali (sorry Liara), to make their faces appear clearer and more detailed under the helmets.

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Unfortunately, the mod is only available for the first Mass Effect game in the Legendary Edition right now, though the modder aims to also adjust and redesign the faces of all Quarians featured in Mass Effect 2 and 3. That’s not going to be an easy undertaking, especially considering Tali’s loyalty mission in the second game features dozens of Quarians. Of course, it’s not lore-accurate (then again, Tali’s real face was even changed by BioWare) with some creative liberties taken, though the results are pretty impressive.

This isn’t the first Mass Effect mod that attempted to make Tali’s face more visible through the helmet but it’s certainly one of the most ambitious that we’ve seen yet. Fans have also noted that the mod’s new designs aren’t based on BioWare’s “unveiling” of Tali’s face from Mass Effect 3 but rather its own original creations.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is currently available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. It’s also available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

Source: Nexus Mods

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