Mass Effect N7 Trilogy is Called ‘Legendary Edition’ and is Coming in 2021

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Mass Effect N7 Trilogy is Called ‘Legendary Edition’ and is Coming in 2021

If you were hoping to explore space and experience the story of Commander Shepard this year then we have some bad news. After months of reports and rumours, it seems the anticipated Mass Effect N7 Remaster Trilogy won’t release this year. In addition, the game is actually called the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition because it is a legendary trilogy I guess.


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Jeff Grubb, a well-sourced industry insider claims that EA Games and BioWare have decided to delay the launch of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition into early 2021. According to Jeff, the games are not doing so well and the quality is subpar. He claims the gameplay and visuals for the games are not up to the standard which BioWare hoped for and the studio wants new players to experience a polished adventure. This especially goes for the original game which according to reports is getting the most attention.

According to the report, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition won’t include the multiplayer modes either. BioWare is reworking the “Galactic Readiness” from Mass Effect 3 by tieing it into the game’s single-player campaign rather than the online features. The whole remaster task is bigger than BioWare thought and the entire trilogy is taking longer than they expected.

It seems EA and BioWare don’t want a repeat of the Andromeda fiasco so delaying the release works out best for them. It also works out great for some gamers given how busy the next few months are in terms of video game releases. Not to mention two brand new consoles are coming our way too. It is sad we won’t get to see the game this year but I am sure it will be worth the wait.

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