7 November marks the official N7 Day. A Day dedicated to the hugely-successful Mass Effect series. To celebrate the day, EA and BioWare shared a new poster featuring art for the upcoming and untitled new Mass Effect game.

Last year, EA and BioWare used N7 Day as an opportunity to announce the Mass Effect Legendary Edition and confirm a new Mass Effect game was in development at the studio. While the announcement wasn’t as grand this time around, there is a new poster to look at and it holds quite a number of hidden secrets.

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The picture shows a squad of four characters leaving a shuttle. The group of characters seem to be walking towards a crater in the middle of a planet. However, the crater in question is where things get interesting. The crater resembles what seems to be a Geth face and while it is also meant to show a hole in the ground, the double image is classic Mass Effect.

The crater most likely represents something important in the new game. However, given how little we know about the game at the moment, it is hard to tell just what lies beyond.

The poster also includes a ship from which the four squad members emerge. The ship has the letters SFX on it. According to fans, SFX is actually the project codename for the original Mass Effect trilogy back in 2003. It is unclear whether or not this SFX text means anything at the moment or perhaps it is just an Easter Egg.

Lastly, the poster includes the text “Mass Effect Will Continue” which isn’t much news. We know the series is now in development and we know BioWare is working on a new game. It is going to still be another few years before we get to see the new Mass Effect let alone play the game. BioWare is currently developing a new Dragon Age game which is set to release before this new Mass Effect project.

You can also catch up on some of the series details BioWare shared over on the blog to celebrate N7 Day. The blog post touched back on the original trilogy and even some of the player choices made throughout the series. Fans might find it interesting.

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