Mass Effect Remastered N7 Trilogy Release Date Reportedly Pushed Back
"The unannounced game might release later than expected."

While EA Games has yet to announce the leaked Mass Effect Remastered N7 Trilogy, its leaked 29 September 2020 release date has now been pushed back. We recently reported that users in the UK were able to pre-order the game through GAME UK. The retailer offered a deposit and gamers could place their order for this unannounced game. In addition, the pre-orders claimed the game would release on 29 September 2020. However, that has since changed. More users were able to pre-order the game but now the launch date shows 30 October 2020 instead.

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Right now we don’t know what to think. We know the N7 Trilogy is real. Gameplay details leaked back in June. In addition, last week a retailer listed the game for a 29 September 2020 release. Now, the previously-listed date has changed at GAME UK.

The Mass Effect Remastered N7 Trilogy announcement could come out of anywhere at the moment. Microsoft could announce the game during the next Xbox stream alongside the leaked Series S console. Gamescom also kicks off its online streaming event on 27 August. The game could make its debut during the show. EA Games could simply announce it out of the blue. Who knows right now?

One thing we do know is that the game is real and will release before the end of the year. We just don’t know when the Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy release date is. In the meantime, catch up on the previously leaked gameplay details here. According to the details, the trilogy will include all three original games remastered for current hardware. By the sound of things, the Mass Effect Remastered N7 Trilogy might even include a close-to-remake of the first game. However, until this is announced, take it all with a pinch of salt.

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