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Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy Gameplay Changes and Details Appear Online

It seems EA Games will indeed release a Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy later this year. Over the past few months, we heard multiple reports about the three remasters releasing sometime in September. A major new leak from an EA QA Tester details each game’s new features and graphical changes. Each Mass Effect game will be remastered in the trilogy. In addition, development kicked off in early 2017.

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The leak, which was posted on Reddit, goes into detail about each of the three remastered games. It seems they will not only get a graphical enhancement but also some UI and gameplay changes too. The original game will receive the most robust changes in the trilogy including gameplay tweaks to make it fall in line with ME3. Even some boss fights have been completely redesigned in the Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy.

Take a look at the full breakdown below posted on Reddit. Keep in mind that until confirmed, take this all with a pinch of salt.

Mass Effect

  • Major graphical and gameplay changes. Gameplay is more in line with Andromeda fluidity but instead of the original weapon and armor systems in that game its more streamlined like ME3. However this game has the least robust gameplay of the three in the remaster.
  • The change in gameplay has also altered some of the level design and “Boss Battles”. Beneziah is no longer in the room with the Rachni Queen it is instead in a more open environment both of Sarens battles have had the environments expanded to offer better options for gameplay.
  • The planet exploration from ME1 has been changed to be more in line with ME3 planet scanning. However there are still a few planets to land on. Do not expect Andromeda size open worlds. I would say every planet combined is about equal to EOS in terms of size and areas to explore. This game is still a very linear experience.
  • Galaxy Map and Galaxy Exploration is ME:3 version but with more to explore in this remaster.
  • If I had to make a comparison the game graphical looks similar to DA:I. Its not a “Next Gen” title but Mass Effect remade in the “Current Gen” Frostbite Engine. Character models look good but look even better in the ME2 and 3 versions of the Remaster.
  • Cut quests from the original game have been added to the remaster. Maybe about 2-3 hours of gameplay. Saren has more backstory shown through cutscenes.
  • Shepards Cabin has been added for ME1. Companions are no longer stashed in the “Cargo Hold”.
  • The “Sacrifice” scene has new cutscenes added to show the fates of the squad member from their perspective. You are also able to start romances earlier and if you are romancing the one who was not left behind there is an added moment after with that particular love interest. I was told its one of the few moments that Shepard is “vulnerable”.
  • Bring Down the Sky and Pinnacle Station are included in the remaster as the base game and not DLC.
  • Hub areas are more lively. On the Citadel there is more NPC interactions, ambient conversations and the clubs/c-sec and certain areas of the presidium are also completely redesigned to give it a fresh look and feel.

Mass Effect 2

  • Major graphical and gameplay changes like ME1. The gameplay is more in line with Andromeda fluidity but instead of the robust weapon and armour systems in that game it’s more streamlined like ME3.
  • Character models are noticeably improved from the ME1 Remaster. Graphically it still is on par with DA:I overall.
  • Planet scanning is back but improved and more in line with ME3 than the original ME2 game. They have added more to the hub worlds instead of giving planets to explore. The Presidium and Wards from ME1 have been added with obvious environmental changes from the aftermath of ME1. Parts of Omega that was cut from the base game has been added to the remaster.
  • All of the DLC from the base game has been added into the remaster.
  • Cut quests and content have been re-added. Also have been told that they have made the game “more adult” as in certain romance scenes/environments are no longer strategically “non-nude”. If you romanced Kaiden or Ashley from the first game there is extra content with those characters later in the epilogue of the game.
  • After you complete “Arrival” which only activates after you beat the main quests. They have added the extra content of Shepard turning him/herself into the Alliance. It’s during this “epilogue” that you can interact with Kaiden or Ashley briefly.

Mass Effect 3

  • Like the previous two games, this one also includes major graphical and gameplay changes. The gameplay is more in line with Andromeda fluidity but keeps the core ME3 inventory system.
  • You get to play an extremely brief “Prologue” as Admiral Anderson prior to the Reaper Invasion. This allows players to see a little bit of Earth prior to its destruction which was a major complaint from the original release.
  • Looks similar to ME2 Remaster Graphically. Character Models might have some incremental improvements but unless you view them side by side it’s hard to tell.
  • Planet and War Asset System returns but is easier to manage and you cannot unlock Asset Quests until you reach certain points in the game.
  • Like the previous two games, they have added more to the Hubs.
  • All of the DLC from the base game has been added to the remaster and are considered main quests so you can’t miss them. Some cut content has also been included. About five hours worth. Also, something else that is new. If you play as Female Shepard you can also sleep with Aria after the Omega Mission as long as you are not currently in a relationship with anyone else. Apparently Aria doesn’t like that. Like the ME2 Remaster, they have made the game “more adult” as in certain romance scenes/environments are no longer strategically “non-nude”.
  • They have also added a bit more to the ending of the game. Any romance interest you have assuming they are still alive will be able to have a physical in-person goodbye with Shepard before the final mission.
  • The ending has not been changed in any capacity. However, some of the cut content is more towards the end of the game.

EA Games has yet to announce the so-called Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy. The company hosted its lacklustre EA Play Live event last week and it was missing. However, we could see a possible reveal in one of the many upcoming reveal streams planned for the upcoming months ahead.

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