Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy October Release Date Looks Promising
Mass Effect Legendary Edition Remastered Trilogy Bioware EA Games
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The sooner EA announces the much-leaked Mass Effect Remastered N7 Trilogy release date the better. It has been three months of rumours and release date leaks to the point where fans are just fed up and want to play the game already. Recently, I reported on multiple 29 September release dates after GAME UK opened up pre-orders for the unannounced trilogy. Prior to that, the game leaked on a release calendar also pointing to a late September 2020 launch. However, it seems Mass Effect Remastered N7 Trilogy won’t release until October now.

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According to insider Jeff Grubb, the trilogy is coming this October and won’t have any major marketing plan ahead of its launch. It will just be announced and released soon after. Jeff updated his “Summer Games Mess” calendar which has been his so-called “prediction list” over the past few months as to when companies will announce their games. However, the list is more leaked insider information which makes this rumour somewhat credible.

Jeff simply added “remaster” to his list which many think is the much-rumoured Mass Effect Remastered N7 Trilogy game. When a fan asked whether this date is an announcement or a reveal, Jeff replied “why not both”. Could this mean EA will announce the game and release it on the same day? Perhaps so. Things have been extremely quiet surrounding the trilogy but it makes sense. Late October to the end of November is crazy with new game releases. If EA want to make a dent in sales, they would release the Mass Effect Remastered N7 Trilogy before this madness kicks in. If this means the game gets a surprise announcement and launch then so be it.

What do I think? Well, I know for sure that the game is real but right now we don’t know when it will see the light of day. The September 29 release date seems to be the best bet right now. Whatever you do, make sure you keep a Mass Effect Remastered N7 Trilogy saving pocket ready for when the release date arrives.






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