Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster October Release Date May Be Delayed
"Expect an announcement and release date in October."

The Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster is 2020’s worst kept secret. Retailers in the UK allowed customers to pre-order it, multiple reports detailed the game’s revamped visuals and gameplay, and industry insiders are now talking openly about it. EA Games just needs to announce and get over with it. However, we don’t have long to wait it seems. According to reliable journalist Jeff Grubb, EA will announce the Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster release date in October and launch it by the end of the month. As we previously reported.


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During an interview with NintendoSmash, Jeff touched on the game saying;

“I know that until about last week the plan was this: to make an announcement in early October, release – at the end of October. This is good news. Now, perhaps the bad news. The year is 2020, so the dates may shift. There is such an opportunity. So far, this is not certain”

Jeff’s statement about it being 2020 is on point. Nothing this year has gone according to plan. Previously, we heard reports that the Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster release date would be announced in September and launched on the 29th of the month. We then heard of a possible Gamescom announcement but the event came and went without a word about it.

At the moment, EA Games does not have a big 2020 lineup in store. Other than Star Wars: Squadrons and a few other sports games, its upcoming library of games are lacking. However, that may change soon. Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster may be the publisher’s big game of the year but that also means it could come with a $60 price tag too.

We know the remaster could see some gameplay changes and a robust visual overhaul to the first game. Keep in mind that this is not confirmed yet. It would make sense for EA to sell the game at a full $60 if it includes massive changes. Keep in mind that this is all just speculation until we see an announcement which is hopefully soon.

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