Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered Release Date Leaked

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Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered Release Date Leaked

We know EA games is working hard on a Mass Effect remaster. Even though the company has yet to announce it, last month, we reported on a massive list of gameplay changes players can expect to find in the three-part re-release. Multiple leaks and insider reports claim it is real and arriving before the end of the year. But when can you expect to experience one of gaming’s greatest stories? Well, a new retail leak suggests the Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered release date is 29 September 2020.

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An image found on Twitter seems to be from a release date calendar for upcoming games. The Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered has a date of 29 September 2020. Keep in mind that this is not confirmed so take it with a pinch of salt.

Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered

With that being said, the date seems plausible. Multiple reports claim that EA will announce the Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered very soon and date it for a couple of weeks later. Perhaps the game will make an appearance during Sony’s State of Play this evening? Maybe Microsoft will announce it later this month during its rumoured Xbox Series S reveal event. Who knows at this point?

The Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered is said to be a full remaster of the three original games. In addition, the package will include a complete remaster of the original game with new visuals, gameplay changes and more. We don’t know much about the price tag and launch plans of the trilogy yet but hopefully, EA will share more news soon. You can catch up on the previous leak here.

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