Someone Created a Petition Against the May PlayStation Plus Games

May PlayStation Plus May
Someone Created a Petition Against the May PlayStation Plus Games

Let’s be honest here. The PlayStation Plus lineup for May 2020 is terrible. Sure, people may love ploughing at the ground for hours on end but they are far and few between. Since the original announcement last week, PlayStation fans have been expressing their anger for the “free games” all over social media and YouTube. Some of Sony’s latest unrelated trailers even have dislikes against the lineup. Every YouTube comment section is a place to express anger towards the games too. Not to mention the mass amount of dislikes on the announcement video.

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Someone has gone as far as to create a “Change PS Plus May 2020” petition. Yes, we know these petitions are often as powerful as putting feedback in a “suggestion box” but with 27k signatures, things are getting serious.

The PlayStation Plus May 2020 petition reads;

After the much-anticipated leak surrounding Dark souls remastered and Dying light 1,000’s of playstation enthusiasts were pumped and hyped looking forward to the best PS Plus lineup in a long time only to be left dumbfounded and forlorn with what seems like a late April fool’s joke in the form of Farming simulator 19 and some rip-off of sim city.


Please join us and make the change. Do it for the NHS, do it for all those suffering in isolation. Do it for the gamers!


Then we will clap for you Jim Ryan @SonyPlaystation.


Until then PSPlus subscribers will be forced to continue feeling let down. Left in the dark when they needed “good games” the most. Saddened and bewildered in a Lock-down nightmare growing CORN!

While the original May PlayStation Plus 2020 leak was great, it was only a leak and for someone to be upset that it turned out fake is a little crazy. Still, the two games in May are not great at all. Farming Simulator 19 is a niche game. On the other hand, Cities: Skylines has so much DLC that it makes the base game, which we are getting, feel pointless. We doubt Sony will do anything about this but the voices are clear. The lineup is terrible.

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