MDL Chengdu Major Playoffs Heat Up – Day 3 Schedule and How to Watch

MDL Chengdu Major playoffs Dota 2 esports
MDL Chengdu Major Playoffs Heat Up – Day 3 Schedule and How to Watch

We’ve seen some amazing Dota 2 esports match and a bit of a meta starting to form during the MDL Chengdu Major playoffs so far. On day 1, four teams were eliminated from the tournament while others moved on higher in the upper bracket and today, we already have our upper bracket semi-finalists with some lower bracket matches to go (at the time of writing) before Day 3 kicks off tomorrow, 20 November 2019.

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On the first day of the MDL Chengdu Major playoffs, we saw TNC Predator beating Alliance with a score of 2-1, while J.Storm beat the new the Liquid in a fantastic comeback. These were the upper bracket matches and in the lower bracket, four teams were eliminated, as you can see below.

  • EHOME beats Team Spirit
  • Team Aster beats Gambit Esports
  • Fnatic beats Team Unknown
  • Beastcoast beats Team Adroit

Today, with the MDL Chengdu Major playoffs raging on, we saw another excellent couple of matches so far, with Vici Gaming defeating Fighting PandaS 2-0 and Evil Geniuses beating IG 2-0. This means that Vici Gaming and Evil Geniuses have now secured their spot in the upper bracket semi-finals.

At the time of writing (10:00 am SAST), Team Liquid are fighting for their tournament life against EHOME and Alliance is scheduled to play Team Aster at roughly 14:30 SAST today. You can catch the action live in the stream embedded at the bottom of this article.

Day 3 of the MDL Chengdu Major playoffs promises to feature some more exciting Dota 2 esports matches, two from the lower bracket and two from the upper bracket. Check them out below. These times are in SAST and might change slightly depending on how long some of the matches last.

  • 04:00 SAST – Invictus Gaming versus Fnatic (Lower Bracket)
  • 07:30 SAST – Beastcoast versus Fighting PandaS (Lower Bracket)
  • 11:00 SAST – TNC Predator versus J.Storm (Upper Bracket)
  • 14:30 SAST – Vici Gaming versus Evil Geniuses (Upper Bracket)

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Which teams do you think will make it to the Grand Final of the MDL Chengdu Major? Let us know in the comment section below and check out the stream if you are in the mood for some excellent Dota 2 esports.

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