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MediEvil Remake Guide – How to Defeat The Final Boss

The MediEvil Remake rebuilt from the ground up by developer Other Ocean Emeryville and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment is great. In our review, I gave the game an 8.1 out of 10, noting that Sir Daniel Fortesque’s quest of redemption to save the kingdom of Gallowmere from the evil sorcerer Zarok is something a new generation of gamers should definitely experience. If you’ve been playing the game since its release on 25 October, you should be at the MediEvil Remake final boss by now and maybe, you are stuck.

Warning: Obvious spoilers to follow. We have cut out the cinematics in between the boss fight phases to minimize the spoilers.

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We’ve created a video guide for you if you are stuck on the final boss of the MediEvil Remake as we show you how to kill Zarok. Check it out below and don’t forget to fill all those health bottles and ranged ammo with our handy farming guide.

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The final boss in the MediEvil Remake can be quite a pain, especially with some camera issues. Zarok is also unique as this boss fight has three phases and is definitely a big challenge, both in the original and in the remake. In short, this is what the fight is all about and how to handle the different phases.

Phase 1:

In the first phase, you will get a healing chalice that you have to heal your skeletons with. Using the chalice drains your health, but keep healing your skeletons throughout the first phase. The more skeletons you have left standing at the end of this phase, the more health you will get back.

Phase 2:

Right at the start of phase to of the final boss fight in MediEvil Remake, you need to equip a magic sword and the magic bow ranged weapon. Kill enemies with the magic sword while trying to stay close to the middle of the arena. When the boss becomes vulnerable, move back from the middle and hit it with your bow. Jump over fire attacks when necessary and rinse/repeat until phase 3.

Phase 3:

In phase 3, you fight Zarok directly for the first time. We found that the best way to deal with most of his attacks is to run clockwise at all times, using charge constantly to get ahead of his fire breath. Hit Zarok with flaming arrows when he becomes vulnerable and jump over some AOE attacks. During the last part of the encounter, avoid lightning balls and run with the lines of lightning, jumping over them when they catch up to you. Hit him with flaming arrows in his two vulnerable states during the last part of phase 3 and he will fall.

So there you have it. If you’ve been stuck on the final boss in the MediEvil Remake, then this guide should help you save Gallowmere and become a real hero.

The MediEvil Remake is out now on PS4 developed by Other Ocean Emeryville and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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Are you stuck on Zarok or have you not made your way to the final boss yet? Let us know in the comment section below and check out our MediEvil Remake review if you haven’t already.

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