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Meet Your Maker is A New Game From Dead by Daylight Studio

Behaviour Interactive, the developer and publisher behind Dead by Daylight, has announced its next game titled Meet Your Maker. The title is a first-person building-and-raiding game set in a dark post-apocalyptic future, where players create Outposts in an attempt to steal valuable resources from each other.

The gameplay for Meet Your Maker revolves around players, the Builders, creating standalone levels called Outposts using “strategic, block-based design”. Players utilise a variety of tools to make deadly traps and use monstrous guards in their maze-like Outposts. Other players, called Raiders, will then attempt to infiltrate these Outposts and engage in lightning-fast combat as they overcome other players’ creations.

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According to Behaviour Interactive, the experience will be driven primarily by user-generated content, with every Outpost created by players.

Joe Dermo, Meet Your Maker’s lead narrative designer, spoke a bit about the lore of the game:

“Humanity has been facing extinction ever since a genetic disease swept the globe hundreds of years ago. Desperate nations waged war over resources, riots broke out, and societies collapsed. However, humanity didn’t roll over and die.

There was an era where several gifted world leaders proposed Sanctuaries—highly advanced research labs across the world that could work independently and cooperatively on world-saving initiatives. One such initiative was the Chimera Project, which would create hybrid-humans by distilling uncorrupted genetic material through those who have shown resistance to the disease.

After hundreds of years, the project continues towards its goal, though the evolution of the Chimera has gone down an unexpected path…”

Players assume the role of a Custodian, whose purpose is to seek out remaining uncorrupted genetic material either by defending it or stealing it from other players in an effort to complete the Chimera Project. “Uncorrupted genetic material is exceedingly rare due to this disease that’s swept the world, yet it’s the one thing needed to complete the Chimera Project and hopefully bring about a cure,” Dermo added. “As it dwindles in supply, Sanctuaries led by Chimera have begun to fight over it.”

Naturally, the Outposts will house these precious materials that players must build to defend while others attempt to break in and steal it.

Meet Your Maker comes to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC (via Steam) in 2023. Check out the reveal trailer below.

Source: PlayStation Blog Post

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