Lord of the Rings Gollum Review Scores 2023 Worst

Metacritic Announces The Worst Games of 2023

Popular review website Metacritic has revealed the official worst games of 2023 according to critic scores. The website says that in order to be recognized under this umbrella, a game has to have at least seven reviews from critics around the world and has to have been released between 1 January and 31 December 2023.

Surprisingly, the King Kong game hasn’t made the list. This is likely because the game hasn’t received enough critic reviews to qualify for the running. However, if more reviews were shared, it would likely be near the top. The same goes for The Day Before which was another disaster this year. Sites that reviewed the game scored it as low as 1/10.

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This list isn’t very surprising given how abysmal some game launches turned out to be this year. We had The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, Crime Boss: Rockay City, Quantum Error and Flashback 2 all bomb at launch. Many of them made the news for their controversial scores and some of them, how badly studios handled the negative press.

Here are the worst games of 2023. 

10 – Gargoyles Remastered – 49

9 –  Loop8: Summer of Gods – 49

8 – Gangs of Sherwood – 48

7 – Hellboy: Web of Wyrd – 47

6 – Crime Boss: Rockay City – 43

5 – Testament: The Order of High-Human – 41

4 – Quantum Error – 40

3 – Greyhill Incident – 38

2 – Flashback 2 – 35

1 – The Lord of the Rings: Gollum – 34

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