Metal Gear Solid PS5 Remake Reveal

Metal Gear Solid PS5 Remake Reveal Coming in First Half of 2023 – Report

It’s been over a month since we last heard about another Metal Gear Solid remake rumour, but here we are again. Original leaker AreaJugones has claimed that we’ll hear about the PS5 remake in the next few months. While it could simply be brushed off again, some supporting evidence has since surfaced that might add a morsel of credibility to these claims.

AreaJugones has a mixed reputation when it comes to the credibility of its leaks, so we still recommend taking everything here with a heap of salt. The site’s sources claim that we’ll hear something about the Metal Gear Solid remake between February and March.

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Interestingly, The Snitch (who is a more reliable leaker) recently claimed that PlayStation will start announcing third-party content very soon. It’s possible that the Metal Gear Solid remake could be part of these announcements.

Additionally, Bluepoint – best known for developing several acclaimed PlayStation remakes such as Shadow of the Colossus and Demon’s Souls – published its holiday card last month which showed unwrapped presents representing the studio’s past works, with a fourth mysterious box also shown. Fans suspect that the wrapped mystery box could be referring to Metal Gear Solid, though it’s worth taking that with a healthy dose of skepticism. Bluepoint might be working on something completely unrelated.

Finally, fans believe that a Fortnite teaser from last month might’ve contained a tease for Gray Fox, a character that frequently appears in the Metal Gear series. The character might arrive in Epic’s game after March, which would seem fitting if a Metal Gear Solid remake announcement actually happened before then.

Konami resurrected its long-dormant Silent Hill series last year, so anything is possible at this point. Whether a Metal Gear Solid remake actually happens or not, or if it also includes creator Hideo Kojima in some capacity, remains a mystery.

Source: AreaJugones (via PlayStation Lifestyle)

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