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Metaphor: ReFantazio Release Date Seemingly Leaked

The release date for Metaphor: ReFantazio, the next major RPG from Persona developer Atlus, has seemingly been leaked ahead of an official announcement. The anticipated RPG and possible spiritual successor to Persona was announced during the Xbox Games Showcase back in June 2023, though we’ve had little updates from Atlus since then.

According to leaker Midori, the release date for Metaphor: ReFantazio is pinned for either 11 October or 12 October 2024. The leaker noticed the date listed on the Hong Kong wishlist page for the game as 12 October, though Midori claims that sometimes the release date is actually a day late due to a mistake. In the same post, the leaker claims that Metaphor (along with Persona 3 Reload) will also release on the Nintendo Switch 2 at a later date.

As of writing, the second half of 2024 is looking empty in terms of major releases. It’s possible that an official release date for Metaphor: ReFantazio could be announced this summer, either at the Xbox Games Showcase or Summer Game Fest.

The official description for Metaphor: ReFantazio reads:

“From the creative minds behind Persona 3, 4, and 5 comes Metaphor: ReFantazio, a unique fantasy world, where your protagonist will journey alongside his fairy companion, Gallica, to lift the curse from the kingdom’s lost prince. Control your destiny, face your fears and awaken magical “Archetype” powers that lie dormant in your heart. By awakening to an “Archetype,” you will unlock the power to channel and combine the abilities of unique job classes. Strengthen your bonds and build your party to take down powerful foes and discover the kingdom’s true nature.”

If the reports are correct, then Metaphor: ReFantazio is scheduled to launch on 11 October 2024 for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: Midori

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