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Metro Author Asks PC Gamers Not To Betray The Developer

Unless you have been living in the underground tunnels of Moscow in an alternate, post-apocalyptic timeline, you’ve probably heard about the fight between the Epic Games Store and Steam. The upcoming Metro Exodus is in the middle of it all since the game was advertised on Steam and then pulled, becoming an Epic Games Store timed exclusive. This upset many PC gamers and Valve even stepped in and said it was unfair to Steam users. Now, the Metro Author has thrown his two cents into the debate, asking PC gamers “not to betray us”.

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The Metro author, Dmitry Glukhovsky, took to Instagram to talk about the situation brewing in the PC gaming community. Mr Glukhovsky starts off by thanking developer 4A for their “heroic”, truly outstanding work on the Metro franchise so far. Then, he apologizes to those who wanted Metro Exodus to release on Steam and that it was fully in the publisher’s control who funds the games’ development.

Then, Mr Glukhovsky said the following, which seems to have angered some fans even more:

We are all very sorry that you are hurt, we just hope that you will not betray us just as we will stay always faithful to you, bringing uncompromised story and uncompromised quality of experience.

Now before you get your pitchforks out, keep in mind that his first language is Russian and what he is really just asking with this is that fans of the franchise don’t miss out on this great experience they have created simply because it isn’t on their preferred digital distribution platform. Even so, some PC gamers might feel as if the betrayal came in when it was announced that Metro Exodus wouldn’t be coming to Steam.

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What do you think about the Metro author’s comment and will you be grabbing Metro Exodus on the Epic Games Store? Let us know in the comment section below.

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