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Metro Games Are Getting Review-Bombed on Steam

In a not-so-surprising turn of events, both the old Metro games, Metro 2033 Redux and Metro 2033 Last Light, are getting review-bombed by Steam users. This is clear in protest of the decision to pull Metro Exodus from Steam. We learned earlier this week that Metro Exodus will be a timed-exclusive on the Epic Games Store and that it will only make its way to Steam 364 days after its initial release.

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We’ve seen this happen before. When gamers aren’t happy about something on Steam, they start review-bombing a game. We saw it when CS: GO went free-to-play and numerous other times. Now, both the Steam pages for Metro 2033 Redux and Metro 2033 Last Light show a “mostly negative” rating from recent user reviews. Over 2500 negative reviews swarmed in after the war between Steam and the Epic Games Store escalated earlier this week.

The overall rating on Steam for the games still sit at “very positive” because they are both great titles. However, developer A4 Games probably isn’t happy at all about all this review-bombing going. There’s nothing wrong with voicing your opinion about games, but I’ve never really liked the idea behind review-bombing, especially if the titles in question are great and you just want to send a message to the developers.

Thankfully, Steam does have a system in place to detect review-bombing. On both the Metro games’ Steam pages, you can see a message stating that: “High Volume of Negative Reviews Detected 30 Jan – 1 Feb” combined with an option to ignore those review or view them.

In other Metro Exodus news, there’s a new, 5-minute trailer out for the game and after watching it, I can’t help but get excited. The game does look fantastic and that probably rubs some salt into the wound of PC gamers who prefer to only use Steam.

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Check out the new Metro Exodus trailer below and tell us what you think about the previous Metro titles getting review-bombed on Steam.

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