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Metroid Prime 4 Reportedly in ‘Very Advanced State of Development’

It’s been over half a decade since Metroid Prime 4 was announced by Nintendo. The game’s development has since been rebooted and switched hands from Bandai Namco to Retro Studios, which had previously developed the first three Metroid Prime games. Apart from a Nintendo UK site listing last year, we’ve heard little to nothing about the project. However, a new rumour suggests that it’s in a ‘very advanced state of development.’

The rumour originates from Brazilian media outlet Universo Nintendo, which claims that Retro Studios is in the final phase of developing Metroid Prime 4. The report cites a YouTuber named SuperMetalDave64, who has a history of Nintendo leaks, who  believes that Nintendo was carrying out quality tests in demo versions of Metroid Prime 4 around 10 months ago thanks to the LinkedIn profile of a contract employee and tester.

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The report goes on to state that Retro Studios partnered with a company called Next-Gen Dreams 3D as a co-developer specialising in “high-quality technical art, tools and content pipelines.” However, the company also specialises in creating elaborate debut trailers for video games. Next-Gen Dreams 3D also partnered with other notable companies in the industry including THQ Nordic, Xbox Game Studios, Take-Two Interactive and Arkane, among many others.

When combining those two points, it suggests that Metroid Prime 4 is already in its ‘advanced state of development’ and potentially in the final stages of polishing leading up to its re-reveal. As with all rumours and reports, we suggest taking this with a pinch of salt for now.

The popular theory is that Nintendo will release Metroid Prime 4 as a launch title for its next console, which is rumoured to be an iteration of the Switch. We’ll only know for certain if it will be exclusive to the ‘Switch 2’ or if it might be a title that releases across both generations when Nintendo chooses to make the announcement.

Source: Universo Nintendo (via Reddit)

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