Today Mettlestate launched its new streamer zone in South Africa with the idea of showcasing local streamers on one platform. The aim is to showcase local content creators on a regular basis to help boost and support them.

The Mettlestate Streamer Zone invites all local content creators to register on the platform. The site then highlights different streamers every day by sharing videos, how to follow this said creator and how to keep in touch with them.

A space for us to promote and celebrate our local streamers. We need to show our local content creators the love and support they deserve! Come check out this page to see which of the top local talents are live, find out more about them and watch them straight from here! Every day we will highlight a different local streamer so that you have the opportunity to discover the talent South Africa’s esports and content creation community has to offer!

Those of you who are content creators and have any interest in being part of the platform can do so by visiting the Mettlestate Streamer Zone site here. You can then register by entering the required information and the application will then go onto the approval process. Once approved, you will then be part of the movement.

This is a great move for local content creators in SA who need a little bit more exposure. Mettlestate wants to unite them under one roof. Good on them. You can also follow Mettlestate on Twitter and find them on Facebook, find them on Instagram, YouTube (breaths) and Twitch.


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