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Michael Meyers and Jeffrey Jammer Get Scary Good Deals With Mettlestate This Halloween

The wind was howling. There was the unmistakable smell of pumpkin spice in the air. Michael Meyers was on a mission. This is his favourite time of year, and it is no different in 2022.

The one thing Michael Meyers does not like about spooky season is the cleaning. A few days ago, he noticed the obnoxious number of cobwebs that had collected all over his prized Funko Pop Collection. This esteemed and award-winning collection includes Funkos ranging from his favourite anime to the entire range of Disney Funkos. That was something of a guilty pleasure for Michael Meyers. Don’t tell. Don’t judge. But these persistent and pompous cobwebs spared no Funko, with every one of them being covered in dust and spine-chilling spider silk.

Michael could not stand for this. It was unacceptable that these arrogant eight-legged anomalies had fouled his phenomenal Funkos. He immediately took a trip to the local shop. While making his way to the cleaning supply aisle (with specials on bleach for cleaning up fake blood), he began perusing the assorted brands. Suddenly the speaker above him played the familiar Hot FM 102.7 jingle that he loved. Another guilty pleasure, another thing not to judge him on.

It did not prepare him for what he was about to hear. Goosebumps ripped through his skin. His heart stopped. Could it be…?

His old mate Jeffrey Jammer was on the news! Michael Meyers and Jeffrey go way back. They met in culinary school, and they shared a deep love for food. They were excellent candidates in butchery class. Jeffrey had been MIA for the last few years. Let’s just say he was…otherwise occupied. Michael was thrilled to hear his chum’s name on the radio again. You see, both he and Jeffrey rose to fame for their butcher skills. Some called it infamy, but it really depends on how you look at it… Pride rose in Michael’s chest. He listened keenly to hear what his old friend had been up to. But wait a minute…

Mettletsate store 2

It sounded like they were mentioning something about gaming merchandise and deliveries every day at scary low prices. What was Jeffrey involved in and what was this about? He had to know. If Jeffrey was involved in something scary, it HAD to be good. Jeffrey and Michael were the experts on scary and had been for decades.

As he returned from his shopping trip (with adequate cleaning supplies in hand), Michael phoned his dear old friend.

“They also have plushies!? Are you telling me I can even get a brand new keyboard?” Michael exclaimed. “That same week?! Let me check out this store.”

You see, Jeffery was on Hot FM 102.7 for a very specific (but unexpected in the month of Halloween, I might add) reason. Jeffrey was the Mettlestate Shop’s top shopper. He was getting delivery after delivery filled with gaming merch, tech, and collectables. Jeffrey kindly directed his dear friend to the Mettlestate online shop. For hours they discussed the various and glorious items he planned to order, ranging from Funkos to Assassin’s Creed joggers, and even a microphone for streaming. “Spending R750 will get me 20% off my next order AND I get free delivery?!” Michael Meyers could not believe it. This was the most shocking news he had heard in a while. And Michael and Jeffrey know their shocking stuff… He had been looking for a way to further grow his prized geek and gaming collection, and it seems like the Mettlestate Shop is the best way to get a great variety of items delivered right to his doorstep. “I think it’s time to upgrade my spooky Funko collection. Corpse Bride Funko Pop, here I come.”

Check out the Mettlestate Shop and get everything geek and gaming delivered right to your doorstep! Make sure you take advantage of our scarily good deals this Halloween:

  1. Spend R750 and get free delivery
  2. Spend R750 and get 20% off your next order
  3. Listen to Hot FM 102.7 for the daily R2 500 voucher competition

Mettlestate: Forged by gamers for gamers.

This article was posted in partnership with Mettlestate. 

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