Microsoft Announces New Xbox Wireless Headset For R1799
"Local release set for May 2021"
New Xbox Wireless Headset Microsoft
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Microsoft plans on releasing a new first-party Xbox Wireless Headset in March. The company says that the new accessory was heavily inspired by the Xbox Series X/S and aims to add immersion to your gaming sessions by embracing spatial sound by working with the Series X/S CPU to help offload audio processing. Microsoft says that the new Xbox Wireless Headset aim to deliver high-quality sound and audio at an affordable price.


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The new Xbox Wireless Headset is set to launch on 16 March 2021 in certain parts of the world. Unfortunately, South Africans won’t get it until much later on 28 May 2021. Microsoft South Africa says that the accessory is set to retail for R1799 which is a great price point for the headset.

With each new generation of our Xbox accessories, we’ve raised the bar for innovation by focusing on performance, stand-out features, quality, and accessibility to deliver immersive experiences across console, PC, and mobile devices. We are excited to build on this legacy with the latest accessory to join the family.

Key features of the new Xbox Wireless Headset include a low-latency, 100% wireless connection to your Xbox console without the need for a dongle or base station. Microsoft is also packing in various spatial audio settings including Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos and DTS Headphone:X.

As for the design, the new Xbox Wireless Headset features a large rotating dial on the earcup which is used to change the volume of the device. There’s also an adjustable mic that can tuck away and easily pull out when you need it. It features voice isolation which helps reduce background noise. In addition, the auto-mute function automatically mutes your microphone when you are not talking to avoid those awkward family fights in the background.

Users can also adjust the hardware using the built-in Xbox Accessories app to fine-tune the controls, equaliser, bass and microphone levels. The company claims that the headset has a 15-hour battery life and can be powered for up to 4 hours with just 30 minutes of charge. It then takes 3 hours to fully charge the device.

It sounds like quite a fantastic headset at a great price tag. Pity we need to wait until May to get our hands on it.

Source: Xbox Wire






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