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Microsoft Backtracks on its Next-Gen Promise to Xbox One Owners

Microsoft’s stance on next-gen is different from Sony. The company wants to roll out a “service” of games across its Xbox and PC platforms. The company and its fan base stood strong behind the idea that “true exclusives” don’t exist and that all “Xbox exclusives” released within two years of the Xbox Series X launch would release on Xbox One through Smart Delivery. However, it seems the company will no longer stick to that promise and that gamers will indeed need an upgrade to either an Xbox Series X or a powerful gaming PC to experience true next-gen games.

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During the Xbox Games Showcase last night, more than half of the newly announced titles, including Forza Motorsport aren’t coming to Xbox One. This suggests two things. These games are still more than two years away which makes the console’s new launch titles look rather grim – or Microsoft will indeed move away from the X1 sooner than they promised.

Here’s a list of Xbox Series X games NOT coming to Xbox One.

  • State of Decay 3
  • Forza Motorsport
  • Fable
  • Avowed
  • As Dusk Falls
  • Everwild
  • Stalker 2
  • Warhammer 40,000 Darktide
  • The Medium

As you can see from the list, these are some of Microsoft’s “best new studios developing games for its service.” It seems the service no longer includes Xbox One.

It is a great concept. The idea that gamers can rent every game that releases without ever paying for them through Xbox Game Pass. In addition, the prospect of X1 support means gamers, especially in SA where the Series X may not launch at all for a while, can enjoy new games on current hardware. The Xbox community is using this ” Xbox One Smart Delivery” as a selling point into next-gen.

Phil Spencer stood by the idea and just last week he reassured gamers this was still the case;

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=” Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox” link=”” color=”#00F52F” class=”” size=”21″]”You won’t be forced into the next generation. We want every Xbox player to play all the new games from Xbox Game Studios. That’s why Xbox Game Studios titles we release in the next couple of years—like Halo Infinite—will be available and play great on Xbox Series X and Xbox One. We won’t force you to upgrade to Xbox Series X at launch to play Xbox exclusives.”[/perfectpullquote]

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This is not the first time the head of Xbox touched on the matter. Back in March, he once again confirmed: “we’re making the commitment to use Xbox One Smart Delivery on all our exclusive Xbox Game Studios titles.”

Aaron Greenberg then took to Twitter after the Xbox Games Showcase to give a vague answer about the lack of Xbox One support for more than half of Microsoft’s first-party games.

Microsoft claims it is up to the developers to decide if their game supports Xbox One Smart Delivery or not.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”Microsoft” link=”” color=”#00F52F” class=”” size=”21″]Our future Xbox Game Studios titles are being developed natively for Xbox Series X. We will continue to invest in tools for devs to scale across consoles. Which consoles each Studio/game can support will be based on what’s best for their game and their community at launch,”[/perfectpullquote]

I don’t mind the company moving away from the older console at all. It will hold them back as they try to move on. Look at Halo: Infinite, its visuals are less than impressive due to the fact the game is developed for hardware released back in 2013 – the Xbox One. However, the company needs to be transparent when it comes promises it makes. This is something Microsoft struggles with every generation. They tend to break a lot of promises.

What do you think of the situation? Let us know down below. Catch up on all the announcements from the event here.

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