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Microsoft Build 2024 – All The Biggest AI Announcements

During the Microsoft Build 2024 Keynote, the company tackled what every large corporation is working on at the moment – AI. Microsoft is trying to work AI into almost every aspect of its business including gaming, Office, design and more.

Yesterday, the company hosted its Surface event where it announced new Surface Pro OLED models, Copilot-certified devices and more. Here’s a rundown of all the major announcements from the Microsoft Build 2024 Keynote.

New Tiny Snapdragon PC

Microsoft Buil 2024 Snapdragon mini PC

Microsoft has partnered with Qualcomm to launch a Mac Mini-Sized $899 Snapdragon Dev Kit for Windows. It packs a Snapdragon Elite X chip inside and comes with 32GB of RAM, a 512GB SSD and various ports. It is quite a powerful Snapdragon PC but its primary focus is for development. It is not clear yet whether anyone can buy it.

Windows AI-Powered Clipboard With PowerToys

Microsoft debuted some new Advanced Paste features which form part of the PowerToys suite for Windows 11. Pressing Windows Key + Shift + V will give you the ability to convert the contents of your clipboard while you’re working.

Essentially, you can turn your copied text into JSON, plaintext, markdown and other altered formats with a simple press of a button. The feature, however, makes use of OpenAI and you’ll need an API key and credits on your account to use any AI features on these PowerToys.

Microsoft File Explorer Git Repository

Microsoft is turning File Explorer into a coding experience. The company is integrating Git into the file system menu. Developers can keep track of their file status, commit messages and monitor their current branch directly from the File Explorer. Other Git tools are also available without any add-ons. The app also supports 7z and TAR compression.

Custom Emoji For Teams

Users will soon be able to add their own emoji to chats while using Microsoft Teams. These emojis can be created on the fly and also taken from a previously created library. You can also assign specific emojis to an organization’s domain giving all Teams users access to those images. They also come with admin rights giving moderators the option to limit who uses what.

Microsoft Agents Can Do Automated Tasks

Microsoft’s Copilot AI agents will soon be able to act like virtual employees. Businesses can then use these agents to complete certain tasks which are means to make your life easier at work. Tasks include data entry, employee onboarding, monitoring emails and more. Microsoft says these AI Agents won’t replace workers and will roll out later this year.

Microsoft Rolls Out Phi-3-Vision

Microsoft has rolled out Phi-3-vision, a new version of the Phi-3 AI system which previously debuted in April. The new system comes with text and image analysis features. The language is simple and can even be executed on mobile devices. Microsoft says Phi-3-vision is now available in preview and image analysis is a big push for AI companies.

Source: Microsoft

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