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Microsoft Could Introduce Cheaper, Ad-Supported Game Pass Tier

Xbox Game Pass is arguably one of the best deals in gaming today, offering access to hundreds of games (including day one launches) at decent price points. While Sony released its own PlayStation Plus tier system earlier this year, Game Pass has continued to grow year after year to become one of gaming’s better subscription services. However, it seems like Microsoft might be looking into introducing a new Game Pass tier that’s cheaper and ad-supported.

According to a new survey which appeared on ResetEra (spotted by Windows Central), Microsoft is asking players if they’d be interested in paying less for a monthly Game Pass fee in exchange for some limitations. One of those limitations is the introductions of ads, though it’s unclear how that might impact the overall experience and where these ads will actually appear. Another one sees players getting access to first-party Xbox titles on a six-month delay.

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This presumably means that players will still get access to most of the Game Pass library (probably with the exclusion of EA Play titles), but will have to wait six months if they want to play new first-party games from Microsoft. The ad suggestion is also interesting as it could either mean an increased amount of ads while browsing the library or ads appearing in-between gameplay, which wouldn’t go down well with most players.

Either way, this is simply a survey at the moment and nothing should be set in stone. Microsoft is seemingly looking for ways to combat PlayStation Plus’ own tiers which also offers access to a massive Sony library of first and third-party titles at a slightly lower fee than Game Pass’ highest tier, Ultimate.

Microsoft has made it clear that Xbox Game Pass will be the company’s focus moving forward, which so far has worked as a hook for players to purchase a new Xbox console. That said, Microsoft has yet to start delivering several promised first-party titles that would add plenty of value to Game Pass, though the beginnings were promising with Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite making sizeable splashes at the beginning of this generation.

Source: ResetEra (via Windows Central)

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