Microsoft Discontinues Production of Xbox One Consoles

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Microsoft Discontinues Production of Xbox One Consoles

As Microsoft begins its lead up to the release of its next-gen Xbox Series X console later this year, the company is putting a stop Xbox One production. Effective immediately, Microsoft will no longer produce the 4K Xbox One X console and the Xbox Series S All-Digital version. They will still make the Xbox One S. However, this does not mean you won’t be able to buy what is already out there in terms of the X and All-Digital S.

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Microsoft told The Verge;

“As we ramp into the future with Xbox Series X, we’re taking the natural step of stopping production on Xbox One X and Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. Xbox One S will continue to be manufactured and sold globally.”

Reports of Xbox One and Xbox One S shortages have surfaced in recent months. Furthermore, there has been an increased demand in gaming consoles both from Sony and Microsoft during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though production on the Xbox One consoles will be halted, there is still a good amount of stock out there for anyone looking to pick one up. Microsoft urges gamers to check their local retailers for more information and stock availability.

It is a little early for Microsoft to stop producing these consoles. The Xbox One X is less than three years old. The Xbox Series S All-Digital version launched in April last year. However, it seems the company wants to move on from its current console range and push the upcoming Xbox Series X. Usually, console makers keep their old console in production for a year or two. Sony, for example, kept the PS3 in production until 2017. This was ten years after its release back in 2006.

Microsoft’s stance on next-gen is a little different. The company won’t have Xbox Series X exclusives for at least two years after launch. Instead, the games will release on PC and the Xbox One range. Therefore, it is strange that Microsoft wants to end production of the console when they plan on supporting it through new titles for a couple of years now. We will have to see how it all works out. At least know that you can buy the baby Xbox One S if you are looking for a console. In SA, the device sells for under R4k making it a cheap entry point into the ecosystem.

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